Residential Electrician Calgary and Area

With such a vast array of potential electrical projects a home could and probably will need to have completed over the years of ownership, it’s obviously crucial to select the best possible Calgary electrician. From simple fixture installation to a complete rewiring of your residence, your Calgary electrician should have all the proper tools and job skills to complete each and every one of these projects when and if they arise.

The Electrical Connection offers certified and master electricians for your all home electrical needs, jobs big and small. We are a family run and friendly wanting to give great service at fair prices.

First things first, it’s important that you have a basic understanding of the type of electrical job you need completed and what that might entail. A qualified electrician will ask you all of the right questions and gather the appropriate details that they need to prepare for visiting your home and inspecting your electrical system. As you communicate with an electrician, make sure not to leave out any details of the problem you’re experiencing and any trouble shooting or ruling out that has already been done.


We offer a 50+ point home electrical inspection where we will go ver all your home’s present electrical status and needs. It is important to have a electrical system check in your home on a regular basis as needs change, equipment ages and wiring connections get stressed. Newer homes need it less often but older homes more frequently to keep you family safe and your power on.

Electricians can help you restore your desired electrical power and ensure a safe flow of electricity through your entire home. The more information the electrician has about your electrical appliances and voltages, the better equipped they will be to restore your electrical flow with precision and the less time they’ll have to spend exploring your electrical system and diagnosing on their own. If you can provide some of this information to your electrician, you’ll not only save time but also money.

Electricians also install new electrical wiring, lights, appliances and more for your upgrades and renovation projects.

Before you move forward with a Calgary expert residential electrician, you need to make sure this person has the right license and credentials.

You can be assured that a qualified electrician will have completed many related projects and passed strenuous tests to prove their competence. You will certainly want to go with a certified electrician; it’s not worth risking your family’s safety as well as your own by allowing an under qualified person to touch your electrical wiring.

Fire prevention and overall electrical safety is one very important consideration but not the only reason to take time to seek out the best candidate. Just like working with any professional on any project, you’ll also want to be sure this person will be on time and reliable; that they do what they say and communicate clearly about your home or small business related to the electrical work that needs to be done. You’ll also want an electrician who is efficient and has integrity; you don’t want someone who will waste their time while on the clock but rather someone who will dig in and get their hands dirty right away to get the job completed as soon as possible.

A quality electrician should also be able to provide you with a fair estimate prior to beginning their work so that you know what to expect, contact us it discuss or inspect your job and we’d be happy to give you a quote; they also should not tack on last minute charges and fees after performing the work. Any changes due to new issues found should be discussed with you along with a plan for correcting the problem before the electrician does anything that will raise the cost of service.

The goal is for you to find a trustworthy, quality electrician, that will be there for you when you have electrical needs whether routine or emergency. Our experts suggest checking with friends, family and people you know for referrals.

Hire only the best and most qualified electrical expert or team to be ready to serve your family or Calgary business and the folks at The Electrical Connection would love to meet you and serve your electrical needs.

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