How to Choose An Electrician

If you’re seeking a good, reliable electrician, then you’re keenly aware of how important your project is to you and how intimidating it can be to entrust your precious home or business project to a technician you’ve just met. Therefore, the process of selecting an electrician is crucial; we recommend that you find an expert electrician with whom a lasting working relationship can be forged. You’ll save both money and time when you hire a person who is trustworthy and prepared to do the job you need and to do it well for a reasonable price.

Read on to learn the best steps to take in your research process.

1) Firstly, Find a Company People Recommend

Ask coworkers, neighbors or friends for referrals to a good electrician; you can put a post on facebook and ask for recommendations in your area. Another great way to see reviews is to do an online search for electrician Calgary or electrician Airdrie, etc. If reviews don’t come up right away, also add the keyword “reviews” to your search. You’ll find company reviews on a lot of websites including Google Places,,, and as a helpful resource to find good contractors but does charge a small fee for membership; on AngiesList you can see actual customer reviews and ratings of electricians plus important details about how the jobs went. As you read the customer reviews, use your best judgment to consider the big picture and interpret these reviews; is there just one negative review among many positive ones? Look below any negative reviews and see if the company has responded to clear things up or to say that they have made the appropriate correction or spoke with the employee in question.

Once you’ve found approximately three possible electricians, we suggest visiting their websites next.

2) Research the Electrical Company’s Webpage

Here’s what you should look for at the contractor’s website:

Is the website attractive and well laid out?

User friendliness; can you find what you’re looking for without too much trouble?

Is it over done with heavy, hard-sell advertising or helpful and friendly?

Are there plenty of positive testimonials?

If the website looks good, the next step is interviewing the electrical professional.

3) Speak with the Electrical Contractor

As you speak with the Electrician, trust your gut and consider how comfortable you feel. Below we have listed our best tips for what to ask during this interview; keep in mind that not all of these questions would apply for all electrical projects. If you’ve already heard glowing recommendations about this electrician, or you’re only hiring the person for a small job, choose the questions that are appropriate based on what you need to know. If you’re planning to do a remodel or a big project, do make sure you cover all of your bases!

How much experience does the individual have with this specific type of electrical work? Discuss how many years they’ve been in business; many companies who’ve lasted years in the industry last because they do work that leaves their clients satisfied and they usually have gained a high level of experience and competence.

Ask for their License Number

What kind of Liability Insurance and Workers Comp Insurance do they have in place? The company should preferably carry a minimum of $1 million in liability coverage to protect your home if their work causes any damage to your property. Workers Compensation is also important as it covers any necessary medical care provided to the electrician in the event that they sustain an injury while working on your project. Both types of insurance are needful as they protect you.

Do they offer any Guarantees on the lasting effectiveness of their work? Some companies might even give you a lifetime guarantee, but a quality company will often provide you at least several years guaranteed that their labor will remain effective.

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