Hiring a Commercial Electrician to Save Your Business Money

To better understand commercial electricians and how, and when, they can be of particular benefit, it’s important to first understand that there are two general types of electricians who can provide services. The first is a residential electrician who handles any issues or services needed within the home.

Commercial electricians, as the name implies, service companies and other non-residential properties. Many company owners keep a commercial electrical company on retainer to receive the benefit of a variety of services on hand for when the need arises. By maintaining a service agreement with a commercial electrician, business owners are able to ensure their business can continually and safely remain in operation without costly outages or delays.

Proper electrical maintenance coupled with experienced electrical intervention saves business owners a great deal of money that they’re free to then invest back into their business.

The benefits of Commercial Energy-Efficient Lighting

Business owners can lower costs significantly by lighting their properties more efficiently. There are a number of reasons why business owners should consider retaining a professional commercial electrician to complete all of their electrical projects and servicing. Some of these reasons are as follows.

Lower monthly electrical bills: many businesses are open every day of the week for maybe 12 hours or more. Of course, to stay open and keep business running as usual, this means the lights are on during all of that time and the electrical bill is continually accruing. Nevertheless, a good commercial electrical professional can help install an intelligently designed lighting system which can greatly reduce the company’s electrical bill.

Lower business temperature: Light bulbs produce quite a bit of heat. Considering this and the large quantity of light bulbs that a commercial property will house, naturally the temperature will rise and it will be necessary to ensure that customers and employees alike are kept cool and comfortable. Therefore, many businesses have to make frequent use of their air conditioners as a hot store or establishment will scare away customers and patrons. However, constant use of the HVAC system can be quite costly. Energy efficient lighting may not be as bright as other options and your building may not be quite as cool, but you won’t have to fork over so much money to the utility company.

Qualify for energy rebates: If you opt for green lighting, your company may receive incentives, rebates and possible tax credits.

Fewer replacements: a savvy commercial electrician will remove all of the regular bulbs in your business and will opt to install energy efficient, green bulbs. These bulbs have stronger filaments that will last longer than regular light bulb filaments, which have a tendency to blow frequently. On the other hand, when you use energy-efficient bulbs, you’re guaranteed that they will last at least a year, saving you the hassle of frequently having to change out bulbs and toss the broken pieces in the trash.

To sum up, a residential electrician helps with all of your home based electrical needs whereas a commercial electrician is the professional you’ll want to hire to keep your wiring and lighting running as efficiently and safely as possible. Save yourself time and money now and get your lighting system green and up to modern standards today.

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