Electrical Contractors Explained; Finding the Right One

Gone are the days when fresh food, pure water, clean air, and shelter were the basic requirements of a human being. As any American native would be quick to point out, we should add “electricity” to the list of basic essentials needed to lead a good life. However, if electricity makes our lives easy, it is also the force that has resulted in the loss of over $638 million dollars worth of property and resulted in thousands of injuries in Atlanta in the past year alone.

In order to protect your family from electricity related hazards, it is important that you hire the services of an experienced Calgary electrical contractor to ensure that all your home wiring is safely installed.

The term electrical contractor refers to a firm or a business person who performs specialized construction work which is related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Electrical contractors function as project managers or coordinators, ensuring compliance with all regulations dealing with the electrical systems.

Different types of electrical contractors

Professional electrical contractors fall into three broad categories defined by the type of work they specialize in.

Line contractors, also known as outside contractors, handle high-voltage distribution lines and power transmission work.

Insider contractors are able to streamline electricity to any building or structure that lies within the property lines.

The job of an integrated building systems contractor is to manage any installations, upgrades or maintenance related to low voltage power lines.

All of these electrical contractors perform their respective tasks to renovate and to construct new electrical lines and systems as well as modifying established electrical wires, repairing and rewiring when necessary, upgrading old systems, and even designing unique electrical wiring systems for new structures, homes and businesses. Canadian electrical contractors are required to learn all the pertinent electrical codes and regulations that apply to installation projects in both new as well as existing structures.

These professionals are given electrical projects to complete within in a certain timeframe and under a specified budget. They must also conduct research to discover electrical code changes before beginning any remodeling work. It is the electrical contractors’ responsibility to provide estimated costs for the project; the contractor will also obtain the necessary permit required to complete the assigned work on the premises.

Although finding an electrical contractor may seem as easy as performing a quick Google search, there are some important considerations to make before hiring one to complete your project.

Make sure to confirm how long the firm has been in operation.

Request a written cost estimate

Read client reviews and testimonials, ask the contractor for references

Check for licensure; when the contractor sends out technicians, make sure they have the proper certification

Although the best, most experienced contractors in the country may not be the cheapest options, the value of safe and quality electrical work is crucial. The right contractor will provide you with proper inspections and installation and ensure that your home electrical circuits are upgraded if needed. You can entrust your home and business wiring to The Electrical Connection; call today and get your project started.

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