Commercial Electrical Companies In Calgary

Finding a great Calgary electrician is not hard, if you follow these suggestions; you’ll be fine.

The number one recommendation to follow when you begin your search for an electrician, is to start with word of mouth referrals. Make sure to ask around to your friends, family members, coworkers or neighbours and find out what local Calgary electricians that they either know of, or would gladly hire again the next time they’re in need. Make a list of these word of mouth referrals and then go from there. Now it’s time to narrow down the list by digging a little deeper.

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The Electrical Connection, calgary electrician reviews
The Electrical Connection, Calgary electrician reviews

When you reach out to the electricians or companies on this list, you’ll want to look out for certain attributes so you can make sure you pick somebody who is more than capable of handling your project.

First of all, if an electrician mentions they might be subcontracting with another company to get this done for you, that’s a bad sign. Subcontracting is just another word for added expense; many electrical companies are fully qualified to handle any and all projects without outside help, so stick with those options. Along those lines, be sure you do ask to understand all of the electrical services the company or individual is capable of providing.

Many electricians have a website that will let you take a good look at a comprehensive list of their services they are able to provide. When you look over an electrician’s website, you should also be able to easily find their contact information and reach out to them for more details. That being said, a good electrician will never give you a solid diagnosis by phone; electrical work and inspection must always be done on site, in person.

A guarantee of the electrical problem as well as the solution and cost cannot be provided over the phone because each situation will have different possible variables to consider. This is why a good electrician will always come to your property in person and do a thorough inspection before clearly discussing the electrical project and recommended plan of action with you; look for this approach as that is correct and will help ensure you don’t incur unnecessary costs or have a job completed that is not up to par. The Electrical Connection offers a 50+ point written, home inspection so you know exactly what is going on and we are happy to answer all the questions you have.

The Electrical Connection Calgary 50+ Point Written Inspection Report

After a proper inspection is completed, the electrician will also be able to go over what you should expect for a timeline to complete the work and an estimated price for labor and parts.

Another good tip that will help you rest assured you’re getting the right electrical advice and a fair price quote is to get more than one quote. This allows you to compare what both professionals are saying so you can make sure you don’t hire someone who is driving the price up or is not quality.

That’s not to say that the cheapest price quote is always the electrician you should go for, but keep in mind a small, personal electrical company like The Electrical Connection keeps costs to a minimum, with minimal overhead so we can offer much better prices than many contractors. You want to pay a reasonable rate and get quality work done.

If you follow these tips, your search for a good electrician shouldn’t be so overwhelming. Be willing to invest a little time into and care into this process so that when you do hire your person, you’re completely confident that you’ve gone with the best option for a qualified, caring, small family business, Calgary electrician that will be your go to person from here on out.

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